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Knife Sisters

Knife Sisters, Update

On ethical dilemmas in games

November 24, 2018 • By
Yesterday we we’re at SpilBar in Copenhagen, showcasing the game and listening to great talks about moral choices in games. I of course support the idea that games can be much more than entertainment (not saying that entertainment is anything wrong, though).

Jordan Erica Webber presented ideas from the book “Ten things Video Games can teach us about Life, Philosophy and Everything”, by herself and Daniel Griliopoulos, and Miguel Sicart talked on the topic “Choices That Matter: Games Through the Lens of Ethics”. Tomasz Kisilewicz gave us his thoughts on the processes of making This War of Mine and Frostpunk.

In Knife Sisters I’m also dealing with ethical dilemmas and the question of how far you are willing to go to be accepted by someone you love. Most of us want to make the right choices – but how do you actually know what’s right? That’s up to you to decide, while playing the game.

Knife Sisters

Knife Sisters at A Maze and Yonderplay

April 19, 2018 • By

This spring there are two chances to get a preview of Knife Sisters – if you are attending either A Maze Festival or the Nordic Game Conference.

The game will be shown at Open Screens at A Maze Festival, on Thursday the 26th of April from 3-6 PM.

Knife Sisters is also selected as one out of nine nominees for Yonderplay, the indie game initiative at Nordic Game Conference, curated by Copenhagen Game Collective. The Yonderplay Showcase is on the 25th of May.

We’re looking forward to see people playing and get some feedback on the game!