Focus group for Truer than You

November 8, 2018 • By

Our next game has the working title Truer than You. It’s a game about what it means to be true, especially in relationships. It’s also a game about shame as a driving force in social situations.

Yesterday a small group of people who are interested in relationships gathered to ideate for the game. We did a workshop in the creative environment of the city library of Malmö.

We started with the exercise to draw a subway map of our lives, which we then presented to each other. Then we continued the ideation based on the game’s premise and its main character Rin. It resulted in more than ten situations and scenarios that can be used in the game, as well as many more ideas to develop further. I’m super impressed that so much can come out of just 1.5 hours of workshopping!

Rin has recently moved to a large city and knows noone …


Let’s talk about power, baby … and games … and sex!

September 19, 2018 • By

How is BDSM portrayed in games, and what can this teach us about love, life and games?
I will be speaking about this at Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon) in Montreal on September 30, as well as at IndieCade in L.A. on October 11. The topic is “Explicit Power Dynamics – BDSM in games”. Knife Sisters will also be shown at the Arcade at QGCon. I’m looking forward a lot to test the game with this crowd, and hope I will have the time to attend some other talks as well.

Games and BDSM actually have some things in common, they are both examples of play, and therefore have some similar structures, such as requiring clear boundaries, clear rules, and clear feedback, among other things. But games are also great ways of addressing power, since they include mechanisms that you can play around with. During the talk I’ll take examples of how BDSM is used in games, but also how negotiations take place between the game and the player.

I hope to get a chance to sum it up in writing later this autumn!

Knife Sisters

Knife Sisters at A Maze and Yonderplay

April 19, 2018 • By

This spring there are two chances to get a preview of Knife Sisters – if you are attending either A Maze Festival or the Nordic Game Conference.

The game will be shown at Open Screens at A Maze Festival, on Thursday the 26th of April from 3-6 PM.

Knife Sisters is also selected as one out of nine nominees for Yonderplay, the indie game initiative at Nordic Game Conference, curated by Copenhagen Game Collective. The Yonderplay Showcase is on the 25th of May.

We’re looking forward to see people playing and get some feedback on the game!