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Welcoming an eventful autumn

We’ve had a pretty productive summer over here in Sweden. It started with us doing a game jam for an upcoming title, which we hope to start pre-producing next year.

We have also been working quite a lot on the story for Truer than You, and are now feeling pretty confident about it. This story has been a challenge from the start, since it has so many layers, but after taking the time to focus on it lately, it feels like it’s under control, and we’re eager to tie it all together.

We’re also planning lots of fun things from August and onwards!

Steam Visual Novel fest

Banner for Visual Novel Fest on Steam
(never mind that these colors hate each other)

We’ll take part in the Steam event Visual Novel Fest on the 7-14th of August, with Truer than You as an upcoming title. We don’t yet have a demo for Steam, but we will be streaming a playthrough of the latest demo to our store page  – exact date and time TBA. We’d love for you to join us! <3

Devcom, Gamescom & Courage Cologne

We’ll go to Cologne in August to showcase Truer than You at Devcom on the 21-22 of August, and at Courage Cologne on Developer’s Night the 22nd of August. Then we’ll participate in the business area of Gamescom until the 25th, as part of the Creative Europe umbrella stand, having meetings about the game and future endeavours.

Tokyo Game Show delegation

On September 21-24 we’ll join the Greater Copenhagen delegation to Tokyo Game Show, going with more than ten indie studios and game tech companies from Skåne and Copenhagen. We’ll have meetings and network, and have a small joint booth. Since we had such an amazing time last time we went to Tokyo, we’re looking forward to it a lot!

And then will hurry back to production mode to finish the game. ^^

Are you going to any of the events mentioned? Let us know!

A picture of Bobbi and Pixie