Picture from playtesting session at Game Habitat

Full game drafted – January Update

2024 is here! That’s great, isn’t it? 🙂 So what have we been up to since the last update?

The full game is drafted

I (Bobbi) have drafted every scene of the game. That is a huge milestone! The game has 89 scenes, spanning from a few lines of text to over 1300 lines for the longest scenes. The next step is to put it all together and start testing how everything comes together. We expect a lot of changes to be made based on the testing, but having an outline for the full game feels really great.

Choices moved and redesigned

When playtesting the game, we’ve noticed that a few players actually missed making choices in the game. This is because you don’t have to make choices, instead you can keep going and see what happens. And in comparison to Knife Sisters (which also have this functionality), the choices in Truer than You were placed much higher up on the screen, something that resulted in some players not noticing them, since they had their attention focused on the dialogue text. We’ve now redesigned this part, moving the choice buttons much closer to the dialogue box. We’ve also changed the look of the choice buttons.

A screenshot from Truer than You showing Sylvester

Systems behind the scenes

Pixie has been working hard to make a good foundation for the saving system and other upcoming tech things that need preparation. Those things aren’t very visible on the outside, but really need to be done.

Creative Europe application submitted

Another thing that has happened is that we’ve submitted an application to the EU funding program Creative Europe, for our next game. Yeah, it’s not enough to have one game to finish, we need to start funding the next project too! Being an indie developer means always being busy! But we’ve come to the conclusion that we must enjoy this, since we are still making games.

Until next time!

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