Knife Sistersrelease date image

Knife Sisters turns five

On this magical date – 2024.04.24 – Knife Sisters turns five years old. To celebrate, the game is free for 24 hours. Get it on itch-io!

Collage image with characters from Knife Sisters

It both feels much longer and much shorter since this game was released.

We started conceptualizing it in late 2015, originally it was intented as a web tv series (!), but it didn’t take long until it turned into a game – something we’re very pleased about.

Collage with images from the conception of Knife Sisters

Making and releasing it was a ride, though – afterwards I’ve understood that it actually was kind of a quick process. Knife Sisters was in development for two years and four months. It felt long, at that point, but really, it wasn’t.

Standing onstage at the Game Developers Meetup on the release date itself is a very fond memory! (Not being able to find any pictures from the event I suppose goes to show how busy those times were!)