Photo of drawings from Truer than You

Drawings and preparations – April Update

28 characters

During April, we’ve completed the line art for every character in the game. If someone would have told me that this game would include 28 characters, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Knife Sisters has 12. It says something about the scope of Truer than You, which is large by design – since the game is about going to new places and meeting new people – even though we’ve tried to make it smaller than we initially intended. Game projects are somewhat hard to predict, since so much happens iteratively, but you can always be sure that the scope is too big.

Knife Sisters turned 5

On the 24th of April, Knife Sisters turned five years old! We celebrated by giving it away for free for 24 hours, and reminiscing about everything that has happened since the release of that game.

Collage image with characters from Knife Sisters

Preparing for ChinaJoy

We are preparing for our visit to ChinaJoy in Shanghai In July, as part of the Game Connection Indie section. Looking forward to it a lot. If you’re going, make sure to say hi!

Gameshifters started

A new project of ours, called Gameshifters, started in April. It will run throughout May and June, and contains a concept development process that we will do together with young people from Fryshuset in Malmö. We will work on world building, game design and concept art for a game set in the future.

Concept image for Gameshifters

Steam store page revision

We have also updated the texts on the Steam store page.

❤ Please have a look, give us feedback, and, if you haven’t already, please add Truer than You to to your wishlist, it means a lot to us!

❤ Feel free to join our Discord server too.

And have a happy Valpurgis night if you celebrate it!