Image from Bobbi's presentation about Games as Art

Words and Choices – March Devlog

March is ending and we’re finally seeing some sun here in Sweden. (Maybe you know that Swedes love to talk about the weather? That’s because at least half of our year is spent in darkness. When the sun comes out, we all get a little crazy!)

Script editing in process

I (Bobbi) am working on editing the game script, and finished editing the first chapter. I found some ways to improve the script in the process. The game now has over 1100 choices! And that’s not including the option to progress the dialogue without making a choice, which should also be considered a decision.

Screenshot showing statistics from Ink

Looking into localization

Pixie har started looking into how the game can be localized based on the set-up we’re using (Unity with Ink). We haven’t yet decided on implementing any other languages than English, but we at least want to check how we can prepare the game to be localized.

Games as a cultural expression

Image from Bobbi's presentation about Games as Art

We also did a presentation of games as a cultural expression and art form at SpilBar #59 in Copenhagen. In Sweden, games doesn’t have a lot of national support, even though (or because?) the games industry is doing very well. In the talk, I went through how four indie games from Sweden were funded in the absence of financial support, including Knife Sisters. It turned out that three of the four examples had been supported in some form by the Swedish student loans, CSN. We’re working towards structures that would allow a more targeted funding. That’s why we are active in the non-profit Dataspelscentrum, aiming to connect game creators and affect cultural policies for better games support.

Now we will have a few days off for easter celebration! Have a wonderful easter if you do that kind of thing, and otherwise a lovely weekend.

See you soon!

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