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The busiest of times – May update

May is ending and it feels like months since we wrote the last update – so much have happened since!

Tons of drawings

I (Bobbi) have been making tons of backgrounds and illustrations for Truer than You. I enjoy drawing a lot, but the time for it is often eaten up by tasks that feel more urgent. But at some point, these things have to be done, and now is the time – the illustrated content for 3 out of 5 chapters is largely done.

Drawings from Truer than You

Importing localized text

Pixie has been working on importing localized texts back into the game. It’s the first time we’re working on localization, so this work entails some surprises – and fixes for those. The scripting engine we’re using doesn’t include a localization kit, so we’ve had to make our own, which is interesting but time consuming.

Visiting ComicCon & Creative Coast

We visited ComicCon & Made in Asia and handed out flyers to survey both Truer than You and an upcoming title. This was the perfect combination between work and leisure, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Image of Bobbi and Pixie cosplaying at ComicCon
Pixie and Bobbi cosplaying at ComicCon Stockholm

Truer than You was also part of a showcase at the developer conference Creative Coast festival in Karlshamn.

Image showing Truer than You at Creative Coast festival
Photo by Creative Coast

Creative process and exhibition

In the Gameshifters project, we did a concept development process together with a group of young people from the Fryshuset Malmö community, meeting up four times to work on a game concept together. The group came up with the concept Extinct. In this game, humanity has been enslaved by an AI, and four teens rebel against it, setting off to other planets to find the resources and knowledge needed to save humanity. 

Exhibition at Fryshuset in Malmö

The creative process ended with a joint exhibition together with the Creative Game Development program from Malmö Folkhögskola, at Fryshuset. I’m very proud of what the participants made in such a short amount of time!

June is coming up, and we’re preparing for China Joy and some other upcoming events, and at the same time trying to enjoy this beautiful season! 

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Hope you are all well and see you next time!

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