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Summer news & prep – June update

Summer is approaching, and a lot of things need to be wrapped up. I (Bobbi) am currently working from (a rather hot Air BnB in) beautiful Visby, which is a nice change of scene.

A view in Visby

Content & Localization

We are working in parallel with adding content to Truer than You and preparing the game for localization. The latter has proven more complex and time-consuming than we hoped for, but we’ll get there eventually!

Preparing for ChinaJoy

In July, we will go to Shanghai and ChinaJoy as a part of the Game Connection Indie Showcase. As you can imagine, we have lots of things to prepare for the trip and showcase.

Wrapping up Gameshifters

The Gameshifters project, a concept development process with young people, continued with study visits to game development schools and studios. The project is ending this month, and we’re working on a report as well as a tutorial. I’ll miss the amazing creators that were part of the project!

Image from the Gameshifters exhibition

Summer Pitch & Verification Grant

We pitched an upcoming project at the Sweden Game Summer Pitch and got valuable and encouraging feedback, something that made us really happy. We also got some small funding from ALMI innovation for early stage development of this upcoming project, yayy!

Games as an Art Form & National Treasure

As a part of Dataspelscentrum, Bobbi participated in a jury that selected 15 games to be proposed by the Swedish Games Industry as a national treasure, as part of the government’s work on a cultural canon. The list of games was made public at the “politicians week”, Almedalsveckan, and got featured in many media outlets, among them Swedish TV. Bobbi also participated in a panel discussion during SpelAlmedalen about games as culture, with the Minister of Culture as well as representatives from other organizations. We feel that things are finally moving forward when it comes to accepting games as an art form and cultural expression!

Now, let’s see what July can come up with… Have a beautiful summer everyone!

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